Ww2 American Fighter Planes Pictures

Fighting for freedom: Extremely rare colour photographs paint the picture of D-Day (and the resulting celebration) in a whole new hue
Extremely rare Life Magazine photos of the days leading up to and after the historic D-Day invasion have been put on display, nearly 70 years after World War II's dramatic turning point.

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Classic Aircraft Magazine

Great Cutaway of a Classic Aircraft
JF Ptak Science Books Quick Post (I'm back to the blog after a two-week hiatus for moving to our new house--that is the l

Biggest Plane In The World

World's biggest plane set for takeoff early next year
The aircraft, named the Stratolaunch Carrier, is under construction at Mojave Air and Spaceport in Cali

First Bomb Dropped From A Plane

Exploding heads and candy bombers: vintage collages to blow your mind
With roast dinners made of gemstones, planes dropping boiled-sweet bombs and a girl sip

Sopwith Camel World War 1 Planes

Cuil Search Engine nose dives like a Sopwith Camel with one wing and no propeller
Cuil fails to impress as it launches and then nose dives like a Sopwith Cam

Small Cargo Planes For Sale

Few homebuyers would notice an old shipping container for sale and think: “That’s it! That’s our new home.” But Seattle ar