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Graduate Collection Triangluation
triangluation s/s 2017 - graduate collection „Triangulation“ is inspired by the increasing fast pace of the modern, technological age and the resulting loss of identity of an individual. Nowadays one’s self-identity is getting lost due to rapid changes and steady increase of the digital world. In times of globalization, the high interconnectedness of social, economic and political factors is both a reality and a challenge. Globalization is challenging what we are, as social human beings. Our selfs become irrelevant – we are just one of many. A person disintegrates in a digital, futuristic structure – a sequence of triangles – which characterise not only the pattern cutting, but also the textile design of the signature pieces. Geometry dominates within the whole collection.

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Fashion Illustration Techniques

Anna Kiper - Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique
Несколько страничек из новой книги одной из моих коллег по Parsons. Добротненько, по-моему... Ис

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Fashion Illustration Croquis
The72nd Annual Golden Globes Awards are tomorrow, and I can't wait! All those beautiful, luxurious gowns on the red carpet...oh

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Bonhomie is a modern fashion design and very beautiful style shop awarded for its beautiful webdesign on our website mindsparkle mag showing the bes