Vought F4u Corsair Ww2 Fighter Planes

F-4U4 Corsair Balsa Model Airplane Kit
F4U-4 Guillows Corsair 3/4" Scale Model Kit. Wingspan: 30.75" For rubber power (included), Gas U-control or Free-Flight Includes die-cut balsa parts, propeller, tissue, realistic plastic details, full-scale diagrams, step-by step directions, landing gear wire and wheels, decal sheets, gas engine firewall, rubber motor and directions for conversion to gas power. Optional operational features include: retractable tail wheel, droppable bomb, folding wings, retractable landing gear, simulated engine and sliding canopy. For ages 12 up MADE IN USA. Kit marking may vary from markings shown in photos.   The F4U Corsair was introduced in 1942 when the air war in the Pacific was not going well. First flown from bases on Guadacanal and the Solomon Islands, the Corsair proved effective against Japanese aircraft. First flown from aircraft carriers by the British Navy, the Corsair became the mainstay of the US Navy's carrier airfleet. In production from 1942 to 1953 the Corsair had the longest production run of any single engine US fighter in history.  

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