Us Air Force Cargo Planes

This is how the US Air Force showers its giant cargo planes
Ever wondered how the US Air Force cleans its planes? Here's one way: They use a giant shower on a runway—or a planewash if you must. Here you can see it cleaning the salt accumulated on a Lockheed Martin WC-130 Hercules after flying through storms over the Gulf of Mexico.

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Humvees Dropped From Plane

Watch the Air Force drop Humvees out the back of a plane
Footage from a US Air Force drop at Fort Bragg, NC has emerged showing the loading and far more dram

What Plane Dropped The Second Atomic Bomb

General Paul Tibbets
Found on the web, Paul Tibbets stands by the Enola Gay in an undisclosed location. The Enola Gay a B-29 was the first plane to drop an a

Ww2 Plane Nicknames

The Joker
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