Ultralight Aircraft Kits

Build Easy to Assemble Low-Cost Ultralight Aircraft
Building light, low-cost ultralight aircraft that are easy to fly and assemble from a kit. Includes ultralight history, aircraft information and photos.

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Humvee Drop From Plane

What Happened To This Flattened Truck?
According to one poster on Reddit's r/JustRolledIntoTheShop, this is what happens when you drop a Humvee out of a plan

North American P 51 Mustang Ww2 American Fighter Planes

North American P-51 Mustang : The Cadillac Of the Sky
The Second World War's most famous fighter airplane together with the Spitfire is undoubtedly the P-51

Japan Aircraft Carrier 2018

WATERS SOUTH OF JAPAN (July 22, 2018) Plane captains signal for the start up of an EA-18G Growler, assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron

Commercial Aircraft Graveyard Uk

The great aviation graveyard: New aerial images show hundreds of planes left to die across the American deserts
The 'boneyards' in Arizona, California and Ne

German Fighter Planes Ww2

RAF Pilot Ray Holmes Who RAMMED a German Bomber To Stop It Hitting Buckingham Palace
Let us recall the story of daring RAF pilot Ray Holmes and how his downi