The Most Romantic Places in the World: 10 Epic Destinations for Couples

The Most Romantic Places in the World: 10 Epic Destinations for Couples

As romantic go to and fro bloggers, we spend thousands time researching locations across the globe that are ideal for couples—and hunting to head to and fro to as many as possible!  Because of this, we have stumble upon dozens of romantic destinations, and have made up our minds to bring together one of the most most most loved into this list: the most romantic locations in the world. 

While there are many more that may well per chance per chance perhaps also be added here, we’re focusing on classic romantic spots around the world; destinations that are constantly known as being entirely romantic and ideal for couples. 

We have also incorporated romantic locations for couples that we can in my opinion vouch for. These contain locations that we have visited and which we accept as true with are in actuality romantic destinations. Some of the romantic locations on the list may well per chance per chance perhaps also be expected, but we hope there are about a unexpected places, too. If you’re planning a romantic trip, a honeymoon, an anniversary getaway, or any type of couples adventure, you ought to without a doubt accept as true with the following 10 destinations (plus many more which we have written about here on the site). And plan you should, because travel is glorious for your relationship!



While there are many romantic destinations in the USA, we think one of the most standouts is the state of Vermont. Very varied from other destinations on this list, Vermont is a romantic spot that bursts with charm and coziness.

Do you adore being snowed in, tucked away internal of a warm cabin with your significant other? Snowy Vermont can oblige. In the fall, the foliage here is unparalleled any place else on earth. You will in finding yourself surrounded by glorious nature at its peak.

Summer and spring are also wonderful, too, and Vermont is home to a big number of romantic hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other alternatives for couples taking a look for romance and relaxation. We highly imply it for those seeking a romantic destination in any season.



A picture-perfect paradise, the Seychelles islands are constantly lauded as one of the most most most beautiful islands on earth, and one of their beaches, Anse Source d’Argen, is constantly ranked as one of the world’s top beaches. With accolades like that, it’s beautiful easy to gain the manner Seychelles would be one of the most most romantic vacation destinations. 

The classic attraction, of course, are the beaches, but there are many romantic things to do in Seychelles for all forms of adventurers. Don’t leave out seeing the big tortoises all of the manner thru your time in Seychelles. 

Looking for even more inspiration? Seychelles is most fine 1 of many romantic destinations in Africa. Cape Town is also constantly suggested for travelers.



Have you heard about the sunsets in Santorini? 

At this point, Santorini has changed into one of the most very most bright known romantic locations of the world. For couples, honeymooning in Santorini may even be a bucket list item.

We simply may well per chance per chance perhaps now no longer have a list of the most romantic locations on earth that did now no longer contain Santorini. Here you are going to in finding dramatic vistas, delicious food and wine, and plenty to do. Sailing is a loved activity. 

However, this can have to be noted that with its increasing reputation (and the resulting crowds), there are many reasons to accept as true with visiting some alternative—and equally lovely—romantic destinations in Greece.



When planning a honeymoon or romantic trip, many couples like to opt for a tropical destination. And why not? Warm beaches, blue waters, and many romantic ambiance are in every single place the place in these great island destinations.

Antigua is one of the most top choices for a Caribbean honeymoon or romantic escape, as it be far simply a classic paradise. With more than 300 beaches, it offers thousands opportunity for relaxing on the sand with the one you love. But there is actually so much to do on this beautiful island. That makes it ideal for couples who desire time to kick back and also would prefer to explore their destination.



There are few romantic locations to head on this list that are city-oriented, but here's one of them. San Miguel de Allende is located in the Mexican state of Guanajuato and its arts and culture, cobblestone streets, and colonial architecture just would per chance reason to fall in love with it. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the city has been voted as the correct kind city in the arena several times by Travel & Leisure readers. Don’t leave out the romantic concepts for nearby Mexico City.



Kyoto constantly tops lists of most romantic getaways in the world, and for just correct reason. 

Kyoto offers couples thousands tranquility and solitude. With its thousands of shrines, temples, and gardens, there are endless locations to head for an intimate stroll. In particular, you are going to would prefer to chat over with the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, known for its associations with just correct fortune in love and romance.

A very ancient town, Kyoto has thousands beauty as well. Spring’s cherry blossom season attracts many visitors, and there’s without a doubt that these subtle plant life inspire romance.

While there are plenty of ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) around Kyoto, it’s also rate making the ride to Kinosaki Onsen, known for its hot springs.

Spending more time in Japan? Be bound to test up on our article on romantic things to do in Tokyo, too.



Is Scotland romantic? Hell yes! I mean, honestly. There are castles. There’s mist. It sounds like you stepped into an ancient fairytale kingdom. What’s now no longer to love? 

Nathan and I can also just smartly be a little biased, as we actually first met in Scotland (Edinburgh to be exact) and Scotland has constantly been deeply loved by us both. But truthfully, here's an incredibly romantic destination. PS: We’ve also suggested it as one of the best honeymoon spots for adventurous couples.

There is thousands natural, scenic beauty to be learned and the Scottish Highlands are the guts of most of it. Here you’ll in finding fine mountains and glistening lochs (lakes) with romantic hotels tucked away. In the highlands, you'll in finding privacy with your partner, whether at a romantic hotel (like this one) or some rustic camping. 

Don’t leave out spending about a days in Edinburgh, either. You can revel in a little of luxury in this romantic city, as smartly as delve into Scottish history and lore.



Italy is constantly highly-ranked as one of the most most romantic locations in the world. It’s home to Cinque Terre, Venice, and so many fine spots. But person that will stand out the most is the region of Tuscany.

Tuscany is the stuff of dreams. If you’re taking a look for a romantic getaway where that you may well per chance per chance perhaps sip wine that came straight from the local vineyard, stroll thru medieval towns, and soar above the valley in a hot air balloon, you are going to without a doubt fall in love with Tuscany.

Not most fine is the landscape in this phase of Italy insanely gorgeous, but there are many luxurious accommodation alternatives that will make your live even better. Oh, and did we mention there are natural hot springs? Yup.



When folks recall to mind French Polynesia, they constantly center of attention on Bora Bora and Tahiti, but there are other alternatives that are equally as magnificent—and will also be some distance more affordable! One such place is the island of Moorea, a real contender for the most romantic place in the world. 

What will capture your attention in an instant is the water. Are those colors even real?!? Yes, yes they are. 

If that you may well per chance per chance perhaps tear yourself faraway from your overwater bungalow and the charm of the ocean (although why would/should you?) you are going to in finding that there are many adventurous things to do in Moorea too, including hiking and ziplining.



Water, water, water. The Central American country of Belize is all about that gorgeous water. If you love exploring in and below the water (aka diving and snorkeling), Belize can also just especially be to take into accounta good option for you.

Belize is rather of an under-the-radar destination, but it shouldn’t be. It’s without a doubt one of the most most romantic countries and, if you’re coming from the US, it’s an extraordinarily easy flight. 

What makes Belize so great? In addition to its spectacular water opportunities, there’s a entire lot going on on land. You can explore Mayan ruins, spot wildlife, and participate in all forms of adventures. 

This would be the correct kind destination for those couples who would prefer to have a romantic adventure side-by-side and feel like they’re discovering a new place all to themselves. 

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