Tank Dropped Out Of Plane

These Are The Amazing Planes Of This Year's Red Flag Aerial War Games
The first two Red Flag aerial war games of the year have come to a close. Both saw US air combat units combine with allied ones from around the globe to work as a team to take on the staunch defenses laid out across the vast Nellis Range Complex, including enemy SAM sites and F-16s and F-15s masquerading as enemy fighters.

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Commercial Aircraft Graveyard Uk

The great aviation graveyard: New aerial images show hundreds of planes left to die across the American deserts
The 'boneyards' in Arizona, California and Ne

Japanese Aircraft Production Ww2

[Photo] Japanese Navy L2D C-1 transport aircraft in flight over China, date unknown
[Photo] Japanese Navy L2D C-1 transport aircraft in flight over China, da

Ww2 Twin Engine Fighter Aircraft

History of the P-38 Lightning
Details and history of the P-38 Lockheed Lightning twin engine fighter aircraft.

Japan Aircraft Carrier 2018

WATERS SOUTH OF JAPAN (July 22, 2018) Plane captains signal for the start up of an EA-18G Growler, assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron

White Aircraft Salvage

You've Never Seen 1930s & 40s America Like This
I like to think of myself as rather familiar with the archives at the Library of Congress, but somehow I skip