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Air India issues advisory to pilots for Hong Kong instrument landing system
Air India has issued an advisory for its pilots operating flights to Hong Kong. It has told them about the possibility of an Instrument Landing System (ILS) glideslope (GS) fluctuating. from Busine…

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Light Sport Aircraft Rule Changes

Retractable singles: the good, the fad and the ugly
Over the years a number of airplanes impressed me as being “good” airplanes. I thought of many airplanes

Buying Salvage Aircraft

90" 3-Bladed Warbird Mini aviation art Airplane Propeller Blade Display
The Mini Warbird is a smaller version of the massive Hamilton Standard and Curtiss pr

Uss Bon Homme Richard Ww2 Aircraft Carriers

USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) 1945
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) unloading aircraft bombs at New York, 09 January 1945. Note the Hellcat, Helldiver and Aveng

Chitose Class Aircraft Carrier

Lot-2406-38: Japanese seaplane tender Chiyoda, Chitose class, April 1940. Chiyoda was converted into an aircraft carrier and sunk during the Batt

Sopwith Camel World War 1 Planes

Cuil Search Engine nose dives like a Sopwith Camel with one wing and no propeller
Cuil fails to impress as it launches and then nose dives like a Sopwith Cam