Portfolio Presentation For Fashion Designers

Portfolio ss16 overview
This is a brief and functional overview of my SS16 portfolio project. Enjoy!

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Fashion Illustration Techniques

Anna Kiper - Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique
Несколько страничек из новой книги одной из моих коллег по Parsons. Добротненько, по-моему... Ис

Slack Fashion Designers

Did You Know A Black Woman Designed Jacqueline Kennedy's Wedding Gown?
In celebration of Black History Month we're looking back at groundbreaking moments in

Fashion For Dummies

Style For Dummies: How To Wear Knuckle Rings
Boys. I want you to know that I’m freakishly obsessed with rings. And knuckle rings I’ve just not been able to g

Different Poses Of Fashion Illustration

fashion illustration
Hayden Williams From Sketch to Runway British Fashion and celebrity illustrator Hayden Williams Illustrations begins the design process

Fashion Designing Dress

Man Best Hairstyle
Man best hairstyle best hairstyle for male,balding women hairstyles clothes women haircuts lob,asymmetrical hairstyles punk front braided