Light Aircraft For Sale On Ebay

Sky Commuter Aircraft Prototype Flies High, Shatters Dreams
A prototype flying car, dubbed Sky Commuter Aircraft, has been listed for sale on eBay. The vehicle, which has an electric gas assisted lexan bubble canopy, electric controlled directional driving and landing lights, electric joystick, dual foot pedals for double pilot based controls and an advanced Carbonfiber and Kevlar front dash shell, marks the potential end to the oft visited, flying automobile dreams.

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Did They Really Drop Cars From A Plane In Furious 7

How ‘Furious 7’ dropped real cars from planes in its most ridiculous stunt yet
It took two planes, over 10 cameras, and skydivers to complete the movie's mos

Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Indir duvar kağıdı Liaoning, Çin uçak gemisi, savaş gemisi, Çin Donanması, Ukrayna avinosets Varyag
Indir duvar kağıdı Liaoning, Çin uçak gemisi, savaş gemis

Us Air Force Cargo Planes

This is how the US Air Force showers its giant cargo planes
Ever wondered how the US Air Force cleans its planes? Here's one way: They use a giant shower on

Future Japanese Aircraft Carrier

flight deck scene HIJMS Akagi in 1942.
Unusual colourised photo of Akagi, clearly showing splinter protection to the bridge area. It is slightly confusing, I

Antonov An 26 Cargo Planes

Easyspotting ✈ on
“Hungarian Air Force Antonov An-26 at RIAT 2014”