Japanese Aircraft Carrier Hiryū Japanese Midway

D-Day: The Normandy Invasion
Army Air Corps photographers documented D-Day beach traffic, as photographed from a Ninth Air Force bomber on June 6, 1944. Note vehicle lanes leading away from the landing areas, and landing craft left aground by the tide. www.army.mil/d-day

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Russian Cargo Plane

Is Russia working on a crazy supersonic cargo plane?
A state-run Russian news site is reporting that the country has ambitions to build a huge, supersonic ca

Aircraft Salvage Yards

Annette del Sur publicizing salvage campaign in yard of Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif. (LOC)
Palmer, Alfred T.,, photographer. Annette del Sur

What Plane Dropped The Second Atomic Bomb

General Paul Tibbets
Found on the web, Paul Tibbets stands by the Enola Gay in an undisclosed location. The Enola Gay a B-29 was the first plane to drop an a

How Many Aircraft Carriers Did The Us Have In 1941

77th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack
77 years ago today on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, a Sunday, Japanese bombers flew across Oahu, Hawaii, and began

Piper Aircraft For Sale Uk

Air Force Thunderbirds, combat aircraft no longer grounded after budget cuts
Grounded since April because of budget cuts, many of the Air Force's combat airc