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A toothy beam that's welcoming the trick-or-treaters is always fun but why don't you mess it up a bit this Halloween?I will show you a bunch of creative pumpkin carving ideas that will give you the best jack-o'-lanterns in the entire town. Plus, you

Halloween is almost here and like any other year it’s time for you to start searching for ideas. Of course, the star will be the pumpkin that you usually carve yourself or in family as a fun project. If you have kids, then it’s one more reason to try to make something special. Pumpkins are...

Halloween is all about horror and terrifying others in the maximum way possible either by wearing spooky dresses, applying dark makeups or with the howling Halloween settings. Pumpkins cannot be put aside when it comes

When it comes to carving your Halloween pumpkin, there are endless design possibilities. You can make it with the traditional […]

Halloween is made of several malign and malicious activities that sometimes touch the extremity, one should never decide to harm others because all of the fellow beings deserve to feel free, they have the right

An earth shattering event, Halloween is yet to come to make us feel chills in the spine and thrill in the bones. Halloween is approaching near and only a month is left ahead when we

For yet another year, you showed us your unbelieveable talents at cutting up orange gourds. Here we show you the 24 finalists and this 2013's grand prize winner

Az utóbbi napokban nagyon sokan kerestetek sablonokat tökfaragáshoz íme elkészült a gyűjtemény. Szemezgessetek kedve...

This year, we’re going to need a whole lot of pumpkins.

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