Grey Cat Superstition

All cats are grey print
Black kitten in watercolour. High quality reproductions of my original handmade watercolour paintings. I now print them myself, so I can put as much care in the prints I do in the painting itself. After a thorough touch up of the digital image, to ensure the best rendering, each copy is printed as if it was a the first and last. Your print will arrive in a beautiful folder, ready to be gifted (to a loved one or yourself !). Handmade, printed and packed with love and care in my studio in Bondi Beach.

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Kittens Raised By Bunnies

Have You Ever Seen Kittens Doing Bunny Hops
What a delight to see kittens and bunnies having so much fun together!

Cat Crying At Night Spiritual Meaning

Brain Pickings on
“For Maurice Sendak’s birthday today, the lovely vintage gem Open House for Butterflies”

Old Cat Not Eating

Cat Products: Must Have Stuff For Cat Lovers
These spiffy cat products are all about spoiling your cat ROTTEN! I mean they are the lords of all they survey s

Cat Drawing Cartoon

Cats Cats Cats (sticker set) from Nina Draws
- hand-cut stickers - approximately 1.5 tall - coated with fixative to prevent scratching and smudging

Black Cat Children's Book Character

Only a Witch Can Fly
Only a witch can fly.But one little girl wants to fly—more than anything. So on a special night, with the moon shining bright and her ca