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Fashion plus Application - 2014 Graduate Collection
The aim of the negotiate project is to create my own design brief, which reflects and develop my design philosophy and direction that is focused towards a functional, active, luxurious and innovative approach to menswear design. For this season, I was looking at the unique details and developing the innovative protective functions from the historical garments. Due to recent developments in the construction of silhouettes, there has been a new movement within male customers that being opened minded towards wearing a wider range of styles. These allow me to push the boundaries within menswear and challenge the traditional styles. US Army Flying Clothing has influenced this project. Researching this topic has enabled me to unearth and develop manufacturing techniques that used for American Flying Garments before and during the World War I and II. Within the Aviator garments development process, I have experimented with many innovative technologies, with the aim of creating modern, light weight, warm and perdurable clothes.

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Indian Wedding Dresses Sketches

Custom wedding dress sketch, wedding dress hand drawing, say yes to the dress, bride shoes wedding date, paper gift, one year anniversary
Through my original

Fashion Anchor Alternative

anchor bracelets for women
Acquiring Jewellery is mainly the domain name of women Because of this very fact they have consistently customarily loved the mira

Fashion Designing Sketches For Beginners

How to color fashion design sketches: quick and easy tutorial
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Fashion Design Portfolio Layout

Parallel Worlds
My portfolio starts with my final collection "Parallel worlds" . It was inspired by a concept of parallel universes and my main inspiration w

Fashion Design Tutorial For Beginners

17 Super Basic Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners
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