Dogs Funny

Get lost on the way to the bathroom (and then leave)
Because most people don't handle rejection well, and we're way too immature to say "I'm just not that into you" to their face.

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Upcoming Dog Movies 2018

Grooming Alert: Do Not Take Your Kids to the Show Dogs Movie
The Show Dogs movie contains a dark theme that can send kids a very very harmful message about w

Westminster Dog Show 2018 Schedule

Here's your guide to the 2018 Westminster dog show
The 2018 Westminster Kennel Club dog show, the 142nd dog show, is Feb. 12 and 13 (2/12/2018 and 2/13/2018)

Dog Pool Jumping Competition

11 Popular Dog Sports Your Active Dog Can Compete In
If you have an active, athletic dog on your hands, there are plenty of canine sports to consider. Here a

How To Draw Dog Fur

Drawing Realistic Dog Fur Techniques and Tips
Drawing Realistic Dog Fur Techniques and Tips. 6 videos that will show you in real-time how to draw realistic d

Recent Animated Dog Movies

The 13 Best Dog Movies From the 90's
Looking for some great dog movies to watch? Here's a list of the 13 best dog movies from the 90's. From animated feature