15 Awesome DIY Projects that You’ve Never Heard of

15 Awesome DIY Projects that You’ve Never Heard of

Do you know what’s great about DIY projects? Everything. When you're making items yourself, that you may well per chance per chance perhaps make a spread projects that suit your tastes, create them for your decision of colours/textures, and then use them to your heart’s content.

Whether you’re aiming for efficiency, decoration, fun, or self-sufficiency, there’s a list of 30 awesome DIY projects just watching for you. Pick about a that you may well per chance per chance perhaps like to appear at out:

1) Pebble Placemat

Pebble Placemat

Use a hot glue gun to glue flat sea coast pebbles to circles of felt or wood. These placemats are ideal to use below teapots and warm serving bowls, and they look great at garden parties.

2) Bird Feeder Wreath

Bird Feeder Wreath

A circular mold, wide ribbon, some birdseed, and some melted suet are all you ought to lend a hand feed our feathery chums over the wintry weather months.

3) Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Just save your plastic soda bottles, cut the bottoms off, ease in a tomato plant seedling, and pour in some earth. Then hang it up, water it regularly, and watch your tomatoes grow! This also works smartly for herbs and peppers.)

4) Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Make your own amazing lip balms with carnauba or bee’s wax, a carrier oil (olive, almond, etc.) and your favourite scent/flavour.

5) Leafy Stepping-Stones

Leafy Stepping-Stones

It’s easy to make stunning stepping-stones for your garden with big leaves (like rhubarb), cement, and a trowel.

6) Shoe Holder Planter

Shoe Holder Planter

Use an old over-the-door shoe holder to grow all forms of plants. This is glorious for increasing herbs outside your kitchen, or on a balcony wall.

7) Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars

Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars

Wrap some yarn or cord around a jar, paint it, and peel the yarn away once it’s dry: you’ll be left with an horny luminary for tea lights or candles.

8) Water-less Snow Globe

Water-less Snow Globe

Grab an empty jar, a dollhouse miniature, some glue, and fake snow, and you’ll have a water-free snow globe decoration.

9) Needle-Felted Toys

Needle-Felted Toys

Use a barbed needle and some wool roving to make Waldorf-style toys for young people of all ages.

10) Baked Salt Dough Tags

Baked Salt Dough Tags

Perfect for Valentine’s gifts, baby/bridal showers, or any other occasion.

11) Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt Cheese

Place about a layers of cheesecloth in a colander, pour in undeniable yogurt, and let it drain overnight: you’ll have a creamy cheese while you wake up the next day.

12) Cassette Tape Wallet

Cassette Tape Wallet

You would per chance have never played a cassette tape, but probabilities are you’ve viewed them lying around. Transform one into a wallet for a little of retro fabulousness.

13) Reusable “Swiffer” Pads

Reusable “Swiffer” Pads

If you know the basics of knitting or crocheting, that you may well per chance per chance perhaps create your own reusable pad covers for your sweeper.

14) Hanging Garden Basket

Hanging Garden Basket

A wire basket, some moss, and some seedlings are all that’s wanted to create an horny striking basket of edibles. Try a mix of lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, or even strawberries!

15) Tea or Coffee Cup with a Message

Tea or Coffee Cup with a Message

Grab a teacup and a Sharpie marker, write a message on the internal of bottom of a cup (or on the element of it), and bake for 30 min at 350 F to make the writing permanent. Great for bridal birthday party gifts!

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